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Dish Washers

In India, Dishwashers are considered a Luxury, but trust me if you can buy a Washing Machine, then well Dishwashers should be part of your life. They save lot of time and effort and definitely at a cost which is much lower than the Pain of having a helper/maid at your house.

Let me give you an example of Hiring a Helper/Maid Vs buying a Dishwasher for cleaning utensils.

Maid will cost you Rs 1500-2000/Per Month in Bangalore, and probably (+/-)500 Rs if you are in any other Big City of India just for Utensil Cleaning. Helpers will be part of your daily life drama.  Believe me they will get to know both sides of the coin in the family. And this information could well be misused as well!

Buying a Dishwasher(DW): This will initially cost you starting from Rs 32000 to 1,00,000+ depending on the model that you want to buy. ill stick to ~32000 Rs model, which has 12 place setting. Price-wise, This is very close to your front load washing machine. So basically u get a helper at 32,000 Rs only, for at-least 5-10 years of life for that machine, if you manage to keep it in good health.

There is additional cost of Monthly usage for the DWs, Salt, Detergent and Liquid(its called as Rinse Aid) the total of  which roughly comes to around 500-700/Month Depending on the additive brand that you will buy.

Now lets calculate helper cost, ill consider 1500 Rs only per month. so Annual cost will be 1500*12 = 18000 Rs or roughly 20000 Rs Plus the Tips/Diwali or Dasara also know as Dussehra Bonus.

if you plan to Buy Dishwasher the first year will cost you : 32000 + (500 *12) = 38,000. Well thats a huge amount isn't it?

yes it is, for the first year. next year the cost will come down to 600*12 = 7200 Rs. I considered 600 due to increase in the cost of additives. But if you see the cost of maid in second year if you increase the pay even by 5 %, it will cost you ~20,000 + Bonuses.

So effectively by the end of second year, your machine will start earning for you, not literally, but do you remember? Money saved is money earned? 🙂

Well third year you will save 20000 + bonus - 7200 = ~13000 Rs. I know, you will be convinced by now. then think about it. its an investment for 5 years, which will start giving you returns starting from 3rd year itself!

If you had the patience to read though the paragraphs and paragraphs of my page, I appreciate your patience, and thanks you 🙂


Following are the links for the products. Check it out for your self. I am myself using the Bosch Dishwasher with 12 place setting, it is an excellent product, and you can find similar products  from other brands which are more or less similar. I am listing down the pro's and con's of each of them, finally its up to you to decide what features u prefer and which brand you are loyal to.

BTW, I am a fan of no Brand, all that matters are the product features, the service-ablility of the company and mostly importantly value for money.


Bosch :

Model : SMS60L18IN

Pro's :

  1. Less Water consumption  <10 Ltrs per run this is a big + if you are in apartments and paying water bills based on usage,
  2. High efficiency, uses only 1kW of Power. its like 2-4 Rs Per Run.
  3. Size wise its exactly like a front load washing machine, in my case its smaller than my top load washing machine.
  4. The Modes of operations are very simple : I just use 2 of them, intense Kadai(yes there is option like this) for tougher stains, oily stuffs, and the eco mode which will save lots of power and water.
  5. Delayed start, this is helpful if you want your utensils ready in the morning at 6. load the machine and delay it by X hours, yes its so simple.
  6. Smart indicators for reloading the salt and Rinse Aid.
  7. and its life saver in winter 🙂

Cons :

  1. Consumes electricity, yes I know how else is it supposed to run 😉
  2. You need to load the machine wisely to accommodate all your utensils. its an art which can be mastered with time and practice.
  3. This is apartment friendly, guys hold on even individual house owners can buy it, it just needs some utility space thats it.Apartments have the inlets and outlets set so it becomes easy to install, else its definitely a pain in the brain! yeah you read it right its brain.

Warranty Details: Warranty : 2 years warranty on product and 10 years warranty against rusting of inside tub

Product Links

This Product Widget shows the price as 37,999. but when you navigate to amazon after you click on it, the cost of the product is Rs 34,450.

Following is the Flipkart Link:Here its priced at Rs 34,450. Really Neck to Neck Competition between Amazon and Flipkart 😀

But I personally feel Amazon Products are priced lower as compared to any other websites in India

Prices as on 31-Dec-2017


LG :

Pro's :

  1. Has 14 place setting, which means you can keep 2 plates, 2 glasses, basically 2 utensils more than the Boschs 12 place setting machine, and off course you will be paying 10,000 extra for it,
  2. This has a height adjustable rack. this is nice feature.
  3. Delayed start.
  4. less noisy. I mean u really can't get disturbed from this machine.
  5. Direct Drive technology, which basically increases the life of the machine. with 10 year warranty on the motor. which is great for the extra money that you are paying as compared to Bosch.
  6. power consumption is really low and water consumption per cycle being <10 Ltrs.


  1. Its Costly. I mean costlier by 10k. this money matters to me, but if you feel you need more space for more utensils and Inverter direct  drive technology, then go for it.
  2. The customer service isn't great for this product, I know companies outsource it to franchisee's for service and it all depends how lucky you are to get a technician who knows how to fix the issue. my point here is, If the product is popular in market, then there are going to be lot of good guys who can service it.
  3. there aren't any more apart from the two listed above.




Siemens :

I wouldn't recommend anything apart from these brands.